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[Tech in Asia] “Best Android Game of April 2016”

[Touch Tap Play] “I guarantee it’s a lot of fun.”

[JayisGames] “One grand adventure!”

[] “RPGとアクションがダブルで楽しめるゲームも珍しいだろう”

[Cranium Code] “Weekly Mobile Games”

[] “カエルの仲間と大行進!”

[iPhone AC 番外レポート] “ストーリーのボリュームも相応にあり、味方キャラも豊富”

[] “尾隨敵人給他們一個驚喜!”

[Tech in Asia] “Grafis piksel yang menarik, lengkap dengan animasi memadai”

[] “Jogabilidade afiada, Controle simples”

[] “Game độc dị mang đúng chất ‘Bốn nút’”

[] “kostenlose Mischung aus Snake und Strategie-RPG”

[] “一群屌丝青蛙逆袭成长为勇者的故事”

game title Kerohiro

You play as Kerohiro, a frog. Instead of crossing rivers and busy roads, you wield flag. Form you own team, unite them under your flag. Lead your team to fight for glory, unveil secret conspiracy, explore dungeons and meet with other cool characters. Play as a frog, fight like a snake.

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Kerohiro game features
Feature - 16 characters Features - Super Moves Features - Tile Puzzle
Features - 42 Main/Sub Missions Features - Intriguing Story Features - Epic Bosses
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Kerohiro qr_android
Kerohiro qr_iOS

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